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Suppliers Of Injections: Ellgesic & Vomiplug

Posted by Admin on April, 13, 2020

There are a few wholesale injection suppliers in Gujarat like Mayank Medicare, which is engaged in supplying Ellgesic and Vomiplug injections to their countrywide clientele. They produce the drugs using advanced manufacturing facility that has definitely passed through every essential lab tests. You must be thinking that what those are… read below to know more about them.

The salt name for Ellgesic injection is Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P. This composition is popularly known as Diclofenac Sodium Injection, which is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) drug used for the treatment of pain due to migraine, gout, muscle sprain, rheumatoid arthritis, joint sprain, and sometimes in moderate fever too.

On the other hand, Voliplug injection can be used with the treatment of other medications too for the prevention of vomiting and nausea symptoms due to the chemotherapy seasons of cancer. It treats similar symptoms during post-surgical situations too. The salt name of Voliplug injection is Ondansetron Hydrochloric Injection I.P.

Uses of Diclofenac Sodium Injection:

This particular injection is prescribed for the patients of

• Rheumatoid arthritis - Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P. can treat the symptoms like joint pain and stiffness, swelling, etc. which are consecutive symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

• Osteoarthritis – Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P. can also be used in the treatment of Osteoarthritis symptoms like painful and tender joints.

• Ankylosing spondylitis – this disease may have symptoms like pain and stiffness which can be treated with Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P.

• Dysmenorrhea - Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P. can relieve extreme pain and menstrual cramps.

• Mild-moderate pain – Any type of mild to moderate paining due to strains, sprains, injuries, etc. can be treated with Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P.

• Migraine – Acute pain of a migraine can be relieved using Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P.

• Bursitis – Bursae inflammation-related pain and swelling can be treated with Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P.

• Tendinitis – This disease may also cause swelling and pain in the patients, which can be relieved with the use of Diclofenac Sodium Injection I.P.

Use of Ondansetron Hydrochloric Injection I.P.:

After having your chemotherapy seasons if you feel nausea, you will need to inject Ondansetron mined with a solution directly into a vein. Your doctor will take care of it. You may need the injection every 15 minutes. Patients should not stop taking this medicine’s doses any faster than you are prescribed for otherwise you may feel serious side effects of irregular heartbeats and blurred vision. A normal single dose of it includes 16 mg but in case of senior citizens, the dosage is lowered to avoid the serious side effects. Also depending on the treatment process of chemotherapy, doctors decide when you should be given the next two doses of the Ondansetron Hydrochloric Injection I.P.

Doctors often prefer taking this injection for one or two more days. Patients should not discontinue taking this medication suddenly and they should take it exactly as the doctors suggest.

In a few cases, a single undiluted dose of Ondansetron Hydrochloric Injection I.P. can be offered to the patient after surgery to stop nausea symptoms.

Remember to purchase any injection from a reputed wholesale supplier in Gujarat.

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